Our mission

We believe every dynamic business should be helped to reach its growth potential

Pioneers in growth

Lean management.  Inbound marketing.  Design thinking - Three concepts that are moving rapidly into the mainstream. But, for the vast majority of progressive businesses, they are the only methods that make sense. That is why they have been at the heart of our approach for many years and why we decided to start Priszm.

Graham Browne


Graham has been running and supporting growing businesses for over 27 years, providing vast knowledge and experience.

Marketing and Strategy

Philip Jeyes


An innovative designer of 30 years standing with over 20 years experience of owning and running businesses, Phil knows what works!

Product Design and Design Thinking

our Values

Small business marketing agency learning

Always learning and sharing

In today’s business world there is no room for closed minds.  New ideas emerge constantly. We recognise the importance of this and dedicate time each weak to absorb, understand  and evaluate new processes and technologies.

Practice what we preach

‘Do what we say, not what we do’ is an all too common experience - and one that we are determined to avoid!  After all, our business is built on lean and agile principles and is where we test out our new ideas.

Small business marketing agency process
Small business marketing agency Honesty

Honesty and inclusion

Unfortunately, ‘trust’ is a much abused term. But, it is essential for effective customer acquisition, where co-operation and transparency are key.

Client input is vital in our process and all our clients play a crucial roll in crafting their roadmap to growth.

Data driven evidence based

The days of ‘operating blind’ have gone. Modern techniques give us real understanding of our customers and businesses need to grasp these opportunities fast.

Small business data-driven marketing agency
Customer centric design thinking

User-centred design (UCD)

Good design doesn’t involve guesswork.  Nor is it about making things look pretty.  It is the science of ease of use and it matters - a lot!

Through each phase of the design process we focus on your users and their needs. Gaining a deep understanding of the task they want to complete

Holistic approach

‘Silos’ are dead!  Effective customer acquisition involves the seamless integration of operational disciplines, techniques and technologies. We bring together all departments within an organisation to focus on how collectively we can improve performance.

b2b customer acquisition strategy

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